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Weather34 Meteobridge
MB SMART Version 2.0 weather template

New Version 2.0

Screenshot No Mysql Guide

MB-SMART version 2.0 many new options and features to cater for the Meteobridge NANO(SD) user .
* New simplified layout suits 7" / 10" / 12" tablets for use as a permanent display an alternative console.

Smart Update Available

Update Available 10-02-2020

* Alternative Console update Only.Fixes (setup screen link) + additions (dewpoint/humidity)
* Must be using Version 2.0 to use smart updates.
* Please do not email at present very limited access till 20th February
Smart update feature info guide here

Temperature Module

MB-SMART version temperature module with color matched gradients.Tooltips for monthly temperature max/min daily, max/min humidity, wetbulb value appears when hover over dewpoint area.

Temperature Tooltips

MB-SMART version temperature module showing hover tooltip for humidity.Other tooltips are viewable for Wetbulb, Max-Min current month .

Wind Module

MB-SMART version wind module smart clean appearance.Includes tootips for max year windspeed.

Rainfall Module

MB-SMART version rainfall module showing cleaner graphic design.Includes tootips for All-time rainfall recorded.

Barometer Module

MB-SMART version barometer module showing 24 hour average.Includes tooltips for year max and min .

Sun Position Module

MB-SMART version sun position module cleaner smoother graphics . Scales nicely when zoomed or upscaled.

Tooltip View

MB-SMART version includes tooltips to show a quick glance at other data. Many tooltips show specific historic data readings.

Detailed Charts No MySQL

MB-SMART version does NOT use MySQL for charts and storage of historical data.Meteobridge software does all the work.*see the guide to setup charts here.*This means no databse or MySQL experienced required,suitable for all enthusiasts.

New Universal Unit toggle buttons

MB-SMART version 2.0 has new universal unit toggle buttons and theme switching.Animated data online wireless indicator icon blue for online red for offline.

Almanac Data

MB-SMART version includes extras to display Almanac data combined with charts.Lots of various data pulled from the meteobridge software.

Current Day Forecast

MB-SMART version shows current day forecast and alerts for lightning,rain,snow.

Extended Forecast Data

MB-SMART version with forecast data upto 8 days and summary text with forecast description.

New Slide Out CSS Menu

MB-SMART version uses a new simple slide out menu for selecting other options.Metrics,contact info,hardware info.Offers better compatibility for devices and tablets.

New Clean Notifications

MB-SMART version 2.0 new clean notifications for various scenarios, lightning, heat index, high UV, windchill etc.

Read The Setup Guide

MB-SMART version follows a very straight forward setup for the experienced and lesser experienced.

MB SMART Setup Screen 2.0

MB-SMART version 2.0 as many new options for fine tuning to your preference.

Weather34 SVG Weather Icons

Each icon designed in SVG format for best upscale and down scale resolution,screen sizes. These are original designs and original SVG Sketch/Adobe Illustrator masters are available on request.

Weather34 Hardware SVG Graphics

MB-SMART version uses weather34 designed hardware SVG graphics , each one painstakingly crafted into SVG to resemble Meteobridge and Davis hardware.

Array of New modules Version 2.0

An array of new additional modules to cater for most configuration needs.

New in 2.0 Chart on main page

MB-SMART version 2.0 has the option to display 4 small charts on the main page for quick reference

2 Column Tablet Portrait Mode

MB-SMART version displays in 2 column mode when rotating tablet devices to portrait orientation or when making browsers more narrow when resizing.

Mobile Device Friendly

MB-SMART version works in single column view when using mobile smart phone devices .

2.0 Alternative Layout

3rd December 2019

* New simplified layout suits 7" / 10" / 12" tablets for permanent display as an alternative console.

MB-SMART 2.0 Download

Demo No Mysql Guide

This includes a MB-SMART Update and Backup,Restore feature.

*New modules and options *New menu

New MB SMART Set Up + Back-up

New addtion a simple clean updating method and backup . Backups can be used to Restore. Now perform quick Updates simply done with a click of a button.

Weather34 MB-SMART Logo

Simple new logo designed to identify the MB-SMART version template.Includes social media icons,device icons,favicons,svg format where used.

Special Thanks

None of this would have been possible without the help and support given by Boris at smartbedded(meteobridge) .So a special thanks is due to this individual ..

Weather34 Alternative Layout for OEM Screens,Tablets,Phones
designed with Skeuomorphism

Weather34 designs were created by brian underdown aka weather34 from 2015-2020 with the help of the weather enthusiast community.
Weather34 Meteobridge MB-SMART Version ©2015-2020.MB-SMART is a weather34 designed template
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.