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    * Weather34 Template Aurora
    Full Download
    (*Password Required To Unlock Full Download)

    * Collaborators with granted access (no password required to access download) can obtain latest revision/beta via GITHUB here

    * Use the link below to send a request via the form to Weather34 to gain to access and unlock full download please provide some true valid Meteobridge and information about your weather station hardware to show us your human otherwise your request will be declined or ignored.

    Click to Send Password Request *please fill in required fields

    *Please note this version is English only it does not support other languages, so please think about this before using this version.

    For Aurora Version Only Simple Update File


    (*Aurora Update File for 1st December)
    * Adds Windchill/Heatindex seasonal setup options for small modules positions (11:35am)
    * Adds moon info popup to small moonphase module (11:35am)
    * Adds Windchill/Heatindex icons (07:05am)
    * Fix snow forecast chart WU sends cm for metric setting (07:05am)

    * Please always do a backup before running update
    Weather34 Backup

    *Compatible with Meteobridge

    Meteobridge NANO(SD) Meteobridge Pro Meteobridge Software Meteobridge Software Rasperry Pi

    *Supports only Weather Station Hardware by

    Vantage Pro2Vantage VueEnvoy8X
    Davis Airlink Purple Air API Lufdaten API

    *Caution Weather Station Hardware
    Not Supported Brands

    To upgrade 9.34xx to this Aurora version you can apply this upgrade file through the simple update method in the setup screen.Back up and how to use the simple update .
    Backup your existing setup first
    Please now read the Simple Update Guide (1.17mb)

    FAQ (please read there are limitations that may not meet your needs or requirements)

    1.Why Aurora ?
    introduction of color charts based on value , it resembles at times a color array of the Aurora Borealis

    2.Language Support ?
    No only supports English , there are no language supported code within the template to use switching languages or display other than english.The design is based on English word phrases and lengths.

    support for interaction of notifications to smart devices where IFTTT is installed.

    4.Hardware Support?
    Supports Meteobridge devices NANO(sd) , Meteobridge Pro , Meteobridge Software where installed on TPLINK or similar supported devices

    5.Weather Station Hardware Support?
    Only supports Davis Vantage product range i.e Davis Vantage Pro2, Davis Vantage Vue, Envoy8X Does not support Ecowitt,Ambient,Weatherflow,Accurite,Oregon type hardware . If you run with a non Davis Vantage product you will see an annoying NAG SCREEN!! This sounds harsh but simply weather34 does not want to get sucked into something which ends up becoming unsustainable to maintain and a chore to keep it smoothly developed with fresh ideas ..

    6.Request Download Only ?
    Yes will be available via during 1st week of November 2020 using the request link above.

    7.Can I use chart history data from previous version ?
    Yes , backup the existing weather34charts folder from previous version this contains all of your history chart data .
    Critical files/folders to keep if you want to use existing data from previous version ! 2020.csv is the file that stores all your current 2020 data in 2021 it automatically creates 2021.csv file at 23:59 January 1st
    2020 folder contains current day and current month chart files.
    Once installed this version Aurora simply upload your backed up files/folder and overwrite existing blank new installation files/folder .

    8.Can I use an update file to upgrade existing version to new version Aurora ?
    Yes but must be aware languages support is only English if you using previous in another language other than English it won’t work in your native language it will simply display everything in English !! So please beware and there is 100% no planned support for languages in any future updates of this version.

    9.Air Quality support?
    Yes same as previous version but with added support for daily hi/lo monthly hi/lo year hi/lo in almanac screens and additional chart screens .This will be implemented in December 2020 with a new weather34 API structure (see below)

    10.Weather34 API will it change ?
    Yes to support additional Air Quality data mentioned above .Every effort will be made not to break previous version of template hence time and patience will be taken to scrutinize the restructured weather34 API before requesting Boris at meteobridge to change the API structure.

    11.Is it really much different ?
    On first appearance no not really main screen looks identical but charts will be different in appearance , a lot of effort to balance color saturation to make it easy on the eye and not use bold appearance, the code is 20% smaller overall. Less time required to develop and maintain due to removal of language support. Doesnt support anything other than Davis Vantage product range which creates less support time and smoother platform to develop on.The setup screen has some newer options and all non required options from previous version have been removed . CSS files is restructured to only cater for this version with a slight reduction in file size and wider use of HSLA color coding variables for a smoother color balance.Though it is PHP 8 ready the next incarnation of PHP..

    12.So Do I need this ?
    If you understand all above then the choice is simply yours but it is important to understand there are limitations and benefits either may not meet your requirements so therefore I strongly recommend to research other templates within the weather community or continue to use what you have now .

    13.Will you outsource previous version?
    No previous experience of doing this was unsatisfactory and provided absolute no benefit to anyone or weather34 just created mass confusion, many unwanted support emails (1000s literally overtime) , created unwarranted socially inept remarks and personal insults !. Lesson learnt and never again will I offer out any work I have done . Outsourced idea was done for the benefit of other non meteobridge software not any weather34 benefit .

    14.Availability ?
    Available Now.

    * Weather34 Template Setup Guide
    * Click here for Setup Guide

    * Recommended Meteobridge Resellers
    * Weatherspares UK
    * Prodata Weather Systems UK
    * Meteobridge Shop
    * Weerhuisje NL

    weather34 weather station dashboard
    Weather34 designs were created by brian underdown aka weather34 from 2015-2020 with the help of the weather enthusiast community.
    Weather34 Meteobridge Aurora Version ©2015-2020. Weather34 Aurora Version is a weather34 designed template
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.