Weather34 Meteobridge
Original and Beta Versions weather station templates

MB Lightmaster Version

Demo Mysql Setup Guide

The original meteobridge version maintained by William aka @lightmaster offers a wide array of support for meteobridge products.This version is suited for all weather stations compatible with meteobridge products and additional hardware like lightning,air quality.

MB SMART Beta Version

Demo No Mysql Guide

The beta version is only compatible with meteobridge NANO(SD) and Pro hardware and primed for Davis hardware users.*Do not use this version if you do not use or own any Davis hardware.*Does not use mysql go here for simple chart setup guide

Weather34 Cumulus and Weewx Version weather station templates

Weewx Version


Weewx version of the weather34 design is maintained by Ian Millard and follows closely to the original meteobridge version.

Cumulus Version


Cumulus version of the original weather34 design is maintained by Ken True and support can be found via numerous forums.

Weather34 designs were created by brian underdown aka weather34 from 2015-2019 with the help of the weather enthusiast community.
Weather34 Meteobridge Original & MB-SMART Versions ©2015-2019.MB-SMART is a weather34 designed template
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.