Weather34 Aurora MKII

Weather34 Aurora MKII Weather Station Template for OEM Screens,Tablets,
Phones,Desktops,SMART TV (Android TV) designed for Meteobridge Products
NANO(SD)/Pro/TP-link/Raspberry Pi

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Perfect Meteobridge Companion for your weather station
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  • weather34 Aurora MKII weather station dark theme dashboard
    weather34 Aurora MKII weather station light theme dashboard

    Aurora MKII

    weather34 PHP 8 Ready *Aurora MKII version is a visual based design where gauges are used for certain weather station data values.
    *Aurora MKII version is fully compliant with PHP 8 as of December 2020 so you can safely use with confidence.


    Download Aurora MKII Updates
    20th January 2021

    * simplifies scale bar for universal mb,hPa,inHg,mmHg (11:35am).
    * Significant update requires Meteobridge Reboot (News).
    * Adds new end of day process for charts *see below (News).

    * Please always do a backup before running update
    * Go here for Simple Guide to using update and backup feature

    Setup New End of Day Charts Procedure

    * Important requires meteobridge reboot API was updated 16th January 2021

    *important existing users disable existing end of day service first !!
    *new file for end of day weather34-chart-end-of-day.php
    * Step 1 Goto services tab .
    * Step 2 select service HTTP Request .
    * Then select Event Type Specific Time now click save.
    * Step 3 goto new service select 00:15 from drop down.
    * Then enter the url example
    * https://yourdomain/yourfolder/weather34-chart-end-of-day.php
    * now at the bottom click save thats it !!!.
    * If added correctly it will automate end of day at 00:15am each day.
    weather34 Aurora MKII weather station dashboard

    Meteobridge Hardware

    Aurora MKII is 100% Compatible with Meteobridge

    Meteobridge NANO(SD) Meteobridge Pro Meteobridge Software Meteobridge Software Rasperry Pi

    "Weather34 highly recommends Meteobridge hardware for its durability and the way it contionously evolves to meet the demands of the weather enthusiast community. "

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    Weather34 Supported Hardware

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    Weather34 designs were created by brian underdown aka weather34 from 2015- with the help of the weather enthusiast community.
    Weather34 Meteobridge Aurora MKII Version ©2015-. Weather34 Aurora MKII Version is a weather34 designed template
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.