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Supports New Meteobridge Nano(SD)

This template is for the Meteobridge range of products.Last updated 17th Feb 2019

Meteobridge-UB40-SE (2.88MB) ()

*METEOBRIDGE UB40-SE Version Information 17th Feb 2019

*17th February 2019 * This last release (hopefully because im making more mistakes than progress each time really is time for me to move on and hand over) this contains fixes for advisory.php (mistakenly left out in setup screen in previous release has been re-written) ,updated shared.php (new alert icon) , updated forecast3ds.php (aligned temp readings,corrected lo color temp) two css files dark/light.

*17th February 2019 * This info page will switch and redirect to a new url soon .Downloads may go offline for a short period

*Do follow Ken True for Cumulus version changes and improvements.
*Do follow Wim Van der Kuil for WD version changes and improvements.

Download Meteobridge-UB40-SE (2.88MB) ()

VECTOR graphics of Hardware
(29 Jan 2019) *Available in SVG,PNG

Now includes Meteobridge NANOSD vector ,Meteobridge Pro,Weatherflow Sky vector.ALL graphics are fully transparent .Feel free to use for non commercial activities .... formats in download PNG,SVG


Weather34 SVG Icon Pack
(08 Jan 2019) *Available in SVG

ALL icons are fully transparent in SVG format.Free to use for personal use or non profit projects.You can not "distribute" without agreement in anyway. You can not use in any "commercial environment or paid application/software or what is termed as profitiable".download contains 136 SVG weather34 icons

Weather34 ICON PACK (303kb) ( )

weather34 indoor
weather34 new font
weather34 rainfall

weather34 air quality
weather34 sun improved
weather34 uv improved

weather34 earthquakes 1
weather34 earthquakes 2
weather34 metar

weather34 clock
weather34 air quality cloudbase
weather34 davis indooor

Please Note if you use the option of WU charts they possibly will stop due to possible changes or removal of the feature at Wunderground PWS therefore this feature will be removed in due course. *Strongly suggest to use and set up MYSQL database to continue to use this template in the future see here for a quick reference on how to setup

* Notice Please Read ..

This version of the Weather34 template available above only supports Meteobridge (also Pro version) & Meteobridge Nano(SD)

Meteobridge Nano Info page
Meteobridge Software/Firmware Info page
Meteobridge NanoSD Info page
Meteobridge Info page
NANOSD with options from Weatherspares UK
NANO from Prodata Weather Sytems UK
NANO from Meteobridge Shop
Supports Weatherflow Hardware via Meteobridge more info

Step 1

Template Quick Install Guide

Download the Meteobridge Template here


Realtime live data and new Nano support


Product developed for enthusiasts by an enthusiast


Template designed for enthusiasts by an enthusiast


Self sufficient no 24/7 computer requirement


Supports Weatherflow weather stations with realtime data


Supports Davis Vue/VP2 weather stations with realtime data


Supports Fine Offset weather stations with realtime data


Now this template is bundled with NANOSD

Step 2

Unzip/Extract the downloaded zip file

Unzip the download to your desktop or a folder where you can locate it easily

Step 3

Make a Folder on your Server

Open up your favourite FTP program or which ever method or program you use to access your server files. Now go to the root folder of your website and create a folder called PWS (UPPERCASE or lowercase)

Step 4


Now goto the folder you unzipped to your desktop now FTP transfer all files inside the folder into the folder on your server you just made called PWS ...

Step 5

Test url

Once you have uploaded to your server now enter example in your favourite browser...

Step 6

Admin settings

If the weather station dashboard appeared click menu on the top left and select settings . Having clicked settings . You can now fine tune the options and personal preferences to your weather check carefully ! . most important set the password and keep it safe !!


Thats it !

Take the time to really fine tune and understand each of the settings and verify all the required information , different hardware, different locations use different settings. Things like API keys, server folder/file permissions are often common mistakes overlooked and believe it or not make sure that PHP is enabled (someservers are not enbled by default) ! on your server and choose the latest version 5.6 or higher .The template is fully HTTPS compliant tested upto PHP 7.3.0 as of December 2018.

*Credits and Information ..

Credits and thanks to the contributors who made this all possible since 2015.
Erik M Madsen for language idea and initial script
Paul @komoka weather in Canada for continous support and testing
Joseph for Spanish/Catalan language translation and for many ideas and refinements
Pascal Catte French translation and ideas fowarded
Steve the developer of Cumulus for support and providing a platform to resolve issues
Mats Ahlklo Swedish translation and his work on using Davis weatherlink
Betejuice (Cumulus Forum) for providing a solution for meteor shower listings
Ken True (Saratoga) for kindly granting permission allowing use of many scripts he developed which gave inspiration and ideas though not used today it was the inspiration that allowed to do something more suited to the design.
Eric Rechlin Special thanks for originally creating the theme switching and extensive work on metrics/non metrics
Boris at smartbedded (meteobridge) for ongoing support and upkeep of meteobridge
Wim van der Kuil for the original meteobridge script
David St John at weatherflow for providing hardware for testing and his non bias logical views
Paul Wilman , Tina Thomas, Vaggos , Chuck M , Aaron Gersztoff , Ian Millard, and many many more for continous constructive supportive feedback ..

No constructive contributions , improvements never go un-noticed the art of this template evolving has been listening and implementing ideas forwarded and applying where possible.Not all ideas work especially in terms of design which has always been at the forefront . A lot has been learnt especially from experienced enthusiasts who can spot the anomalies in data as well as design.So I thank you all however little or large you contributed it all helped along the way so ..Brian (I just made it look pretty thats it !!)

©2015-2019 Brian Underdown

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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