Weather34 Meteobridge Beta Version Status Board

Version MB-SMART

ETA December 2019
(Last updated 6th June 2019)
Available for beta testing as of June 1st see below in Downloads
About this version .
It is being developed to solely work with the Meteobridge NANO(SD) and Meteobridge Pro in conjunction with Davis weather station products Vantage Pro,Vue,Envoy .It does not or will not offer full support for any other brands of weather station hardware.
It uses a brand new small css framework(it will be 50% smaller when complete) based on css grid and simplified methods to display data and have expandable options .It currently offers 3 column,2column,1column displays automatically based on screen resolution and orientation.It will support widescreen resolutions and offer full width screen layouts.more info and please raise issues only via GITHUB issues form and provide at least a working url or screenshot clearly highlighting issue found.
At this stage it is not about ideas and extras it is about creating a stable version once that is established we can move on to ideas and other requirements.
It will be a slow process and at times nothing will change for long periods and some issues will not be immediately dealt with due to other commitments.However at this stage it is fully working but please be patient all will come good..
*important this is not a replacement for the current meteobridge version maintained by lightmaster that version offers a wider support of hardware and this beta version uses a completely different css framework.

The original weather34 dashboard template designed for the casual and experienced weather enthusiast with a nicely colour balanced thought out idea

"Weather34 is something fresh with a view to make the weather a pleasant experience, the proof is to my once upon a time less enthusiastic wife who now shows a sudden keen interest in recent months.."
" K.A. Wilkinson(BSc,HBEd) Feb 2019 "

"Brian I took your advice finally put my 12 year old station in the dumpster .Now I feel like a real enthusiast the combination of a Davis VP2 Plus fitted with a NANOSD. The built in facility now I can use your template on any device,desktop I choose .. "
" Joshua T(USA) Dec 2018 "

"My oh my oh my where do i start , I have been out of this hobby for 15 years almost, with the children now graduated and grown up. So weekend time is mine so I thought I would find out what is the status of the hobby 15 years on . First thing i found was your template , I just had to have it and ordered myself some new equipment a new Davis Vantage Pro 2 with a Meteobridge Nano (I have spent many hours reading about this ) . Im going to be asking for your help hope you dont mind.."
" Dennis W(UK) May 2019 "

"Meteobridge NANOSD now with built in Weather34 I will retire my old ageing computer finally.."
" John K(USA) Jan 2019 "

"Just what I needed something that don't need day in day out upkeep... "
" Walter(USA) 0ct 2018 "

weather34 meteobrodge nano Meteobridge Nano

Meteobridge Nano is such an unobtrusive product it is simply a plug in and forget component. What this product does in simple terms is replace the need of a optional Davis loggger component and comes complete with the popular Meteobridge inteface and software many enthusiasts have become accustom to over the years. Sometimes the simplicity is all we need to fulfil our enjoyment. Nano's hidden gem becomes a NANOSD which can you use numerous optional approved microSD cards to expand its storage and capability.It really is one of the most rich featured options for the Davis Console owners.

More about NANOSD

weather34 light forecasts theme Participate via GITHUB

You may download and participate in finding fixes,ideas constructively.Weather34 always encourages constructive participation so everybody benefits.Weather34 did not solely put this altogether alone , it is a collaboration of ideas by many enthusiasts since 2015,weather34 just put ideas into design and where they were able to be used. Weather34 encourages you to implement any ideas you may have for your personal use.Weather34 does not feel the need for donations the biggest donation is your happiness.

Participate @ GITHUB

weather34 gihub Download via Github

Download a version that meets your requirements ,various versions offered and supported by individual experienced enthusiasts . Weather34 is truly thankfull to William Blake(Meteobridge-lightmaster),Ken True(Cumulus-Saratoga),Ian Millard(Weewx-Claydons Weather)

weather34 github Meteobridge Original Version
weather34 github Meteobridge Beta-Smart Version
weather34 weatherflow Meteobridge Weatherflow Version
weather34 cumulus Cumulus Version Ken True
weather34 weewx Weewx Version Ian Millard
weather34 weather display 2019 version Weather Display Version A Mclachlan


weather34 meteobridge nano Meteobridge Products

Meteobridge is a range of products from Smartbedded to fulfill the ever growing needs for the home and professional weather enthusiast.Meteobridge software is not dependant on 24/7 computer needs it is a self sufficient product that acts as a bridge to enable you to store and distribute your data. Meteobridge caters for a whole array of weather station hardware and there is a product to suit your budget and needs.

Official Meteobridge Resellers
Pro Data Weather Systems (UK)
Weatherspares (UK)
Weerhuisje (EU Netherlands)
Meteobridge Shop (EU Swiss)

All about Meteobridge

weather34 guides Weather34 Guides

Most guides were written sometime ago they simply offer a simple quick uncomplicated guide to get up and running.The more complex detail is really all about learning how the meteobridge products works and what they actually offer.

weather34 Meteobridge Setup
weather34 mysql Mysql Guide
weather34 timeline Historical Timeline
weather34 nano guide Meteobridge Nano Guide
weather34 ubuntu guide Aaron Gersztoff Ubuntu
weather34 weewx guide Ian Millard Weewx Setup


weather34 credits Credits

Feedback on a regular basis and the constructive ideas and solutions were the most beneficial way of getting things right for everyone.

weather34 light forecasts theme Paul Wilman(Bath UK)
weather34 light forecasts theme Chuck(USA)
weather34 light forecasts theme Erik M Madsen(Denmark)
weather34 light forecasts theme Josep(Spain)
weather34 light forecasts theme Pascal Catte(France)
weather34 light forecasts theme Eric Rechlin(USA)
weather34 light forecasts theme Paul @komoka(Canada)
weather34 light forecasts theme + Many more not enough space :-(

Thank You

weather34 thank Special Thanks

weather34 Boris @smartbedded
weather34 David St John @weatherflow
weather34 Ken True @saratoga
weather34 Ian Millard @Claydons Weather
weather34 William Blake @lightmaster
weather34 Adrian Mclachlan

Thank You

weather34 cc licence Creative Commons

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

weather34 cc licence

Creative Commons

weather34 thanks Weather34 2015-2019

Began in 2015 and completed almost in 2019 going forward the template has been handed over to respected enthusiasts.

weather34 thank you

Thank You
"I would just like to thank you unequivocally for the passion and kindness you put into maintaining and upgrading your template..."
" Gary D(Australia) Dec 2018 "

"This is Mike O with Yuba City Weather from Yuba City, Northern California. I just want to say a Great Big Thank You for your Hard Work and Programming On this Awesome Looking Weather Template..."
" Mike O(USA) Apr 2018 "

"Brian my dear friend I have been a keen follower of you since 2015, it was your template called “Simplicity” that inspired me to use my weather station on the web.I just want to say I will miss your continuous ideas and releases , I admire your design ideas and enthusiasm. In recent months I upgraded my whole weather station and bought the Davis VP2 Plus package with a NANOSD again its your enthusiasm that pushed me in that direction. Now my old station is installed at my sons farm not sure how long it will last but again we set it up with a meteobridge tplink and your template, its doing great..So my dear friend I wish you luck in your future endeavours and if you are ever back in the UK feel free drop me an email would love to meet you and talk about how you live in I lived and taught in Fethiye for 4 years back in the 90's… "
David S(UK Norfolk) April 2019 "

Step 1

Template Quick Install Guide

Download the Original Meteobridge Template MB-UB40-RRW via Github here

Step 2

Unzip/Extract the downloaded zip file

Unzip the download to your desktop or a folder where you can locate it easily

Step 3

Make a Folder on your Server

Open up your favourite FTP program or which ever method or program you use to access your server files. Now go to the root folder of your website and create a folder called PWS (UPPERCASE or lowercase)

Step 4


Now goto the folder you unzipped to your desktop now FTP transfer all files inside the folder into the folder on your server you just made called PWS ...

Step 5

Test url

Once you have uploaded to your server now enter example in your favourite browser...

Step 6

Admin settings

If the weather station dashboard appeared click menu on the top left and select settings . Having clicked settings . You can now fine tune the options and personal preferences to your weather check carefully ! . most important set the password and keep it safe !!


Thats it !

Take the time to really fine tune and understand each of the settings and verify all the required information , different hardware, different locations use different settings. Things like API keys, server folder/file permissions are often common mistakes overlooked and believe it or not make sure that PHP is enabled (someservers are not enabled by default or have various PHP modules disabled) ! on your server and choose the latest version 5.6 or higher .The template is fully HTTPS compliant tested upto PHP 7.3.5 as of May 2019.

The original weather34 dashboard template is designed by Brian Underdown a casual weather enthusiast ,20 years of web design experience with a keen eye for CSS design development
"the difficult part is not getting the data, the challenge is to make that data presentable with usable information and understandable for everyone not just enthusiasts.too often designs are full of too much information ,poor choice of colour with bold bright high contrasted colours and then every possible newly learnt piece of code inserted somewhere.just because you discovered a new piece of code does not actually mean it works in design unless you compile it with design and appearance as a priority."..brian underdown 2016

weather34 color-palette