Weather34 Aurora MKII

Aurora MKII(Vantage) version is a visual based original design where clean CSS designed elements are displaying various weather station sensor data.
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  • Change Log 5th December 2021 ** Now supports 4 Layouts **

    * (09:52) * Contains all features/fixes from Nov 6th to December 5th
    * (09:52) * New Moon anomaly fix

    ** Important please double check the elevation is stored in
    setup screen and the new UV/Solar/Clock option is set
    ** Please always do a backup before applying updates.

    * Doing backups will preserve your chart data and settings in the event of
    any problems.
    * When new setup options are added ensure the settings file
    (console-settings) is not locked with file permissions on your server.
Dark Mode & Light Mode Themed
Four layouts designed to allow personal choice of dark mode or light mode appearance . Also optional auto dark mode to light mode or vice versa switching where supported by operating system and browser based on time of day settings . Access via the menu or bottom toolbar icons .
Colorful Easy to Read Charts
Clean and easy to read colorful coded chart data . Mobile Device friendly easy on the eye no matter your screen device size. Data does not have to be complicated so you can share with your community ,neighbors with pride.There are many viewable sections for chart display to choose from.
Informative Extras
One click pop up screens to provide some additional data in a clean informative way. Simply clicking the extra info buttons will pull up historic data and day charts for particular sensor data. Additional weather hobbyist related data is available via the menu plus personal options.
Designed For Meteobridge
Meteobridge probably the most feature rich advanced data logger there is , a device that comes in various flavors and a price to suit your budget. Does not require a dedicated PC to maintain continous data recording or flow of data.Meteobridge offers a rich choice of popular networks to upload your data too.
AQI Supports Air Quality
Supports the Davis Airlink via Meteobridge mapping . Supports Purple Air and Luftdaten API Network data via there prospective API Data facility. Davis Airlink is fully supported via meteobridge displaying PM2.5 and PM10 with added bonus of recording day/month/year charts.
Designed for Davis Vantage
Dont be fooled into thinking Davis Vantage hardware is out of date !. Davis Vantage products come at a premium simply built and designed to last for many years.

* Trusted Reseller *Weather Spares UK.
* Trusted Reseller *Pro Data Weather Systems.
Smart Notifications
Smart notifications based on various weather sensor values where extremes or awareness of certain conditions may be worth observing for caution or personal interest. Useful rain,snow or thunderstorm notifications when present in forecast.
Menu Driven
A smooth sidebar menu to access even more relevant data to your weather location. This also gives you access to the template setup screen and various other weather station info along with a bottom toolbar for quick access to various template areas.
OS Theme Driven
A modern optional method for offering light or dark mode is to use the computer/device operating system settings if supported.This simply will adjust the or switch the template to dark mode or light mode based on your PC or device settings.
Mobile to Smart TV support
Ever evolving screen sizes to cater for is a challenge but Weather34 makes a bold attempt of getting close to offering a design that works with the majority of screen sizes from mobile devices to Smart TV . Design is primarily designed for  Apple devices and computers , Weather34 offers no guaranteed solution there simply is too may variants.
Original Weather34 Designs
Weather34 original design ideas painstakingly painted in CSS to get the cleanest appearance possible based on the ideas or a lightbulb moment. Every effort is always paid attention to design often ideas of weather data dont always carry over to design. 22 years of experience of using CSS and Weather34 watched it evolve and continues todo so.
Pure CSS Designed Elements
Beautiful well thought out crafted elements to show off your weather station data in a clean colorful way that your friends or neighbors will enjoy.No complex ugly unbalanced too much info aircraft looking dashboard like appearances. CSS elements as opposed to old school blurred distorted images this offers far more benefits in appearance and performance.
Dedicated Weather34 API
Built into Meteobridge itself a dedicated Weather34 API 196 different realtime data values updated at the to template realtime at the interval you have chosen. All prepared and from time to time aproxiamately twice a year the API gets restructured and updated. Simply select the Weather34 API in the meteobridge network tab.
External APIs and Official Data
API data provided for 5-7 Day Forecast data provided by Weather Underground.Additional API data for localized airport metar data provided via *CheckWX. Radar info graphics provided by *Windy and *Rainviewer. Additional Earthquake Regional Data from *Seismicportal. Most importantly template does not get data via scraping !.
Weather34 Information
Designs were created by brian underdown aka weather34 from 2015-2021 with the help of the weather enthusiast community. Weather34 Meteobridge Aurora MKII Version ©2015-2021. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.