Weather34 Meteobridge
MB Smart version weather station template

New Meteobridge MB SMART (*NANOSD Only)

Demo Setup Guide

* After 5 months weather34 is happy to release the MB-SMART version for the Meteobridge NANOSD product.
* The MB-SMART version is only 100% compatible with meteobridge NANO(SD) combined with Davis hardware.
* The MB SMART version supports Meteobridge Pro however there may be some limitations.
* The MB SMART version does not support the TP-LINK type hub meteobridge product therefore there is no support for this product.

Weather34 designs were created by brian underdown aka weather34 from 2015-2019 with the help of the weather enthusiast community.
Weather34 Meteobridge MB-SMART Version ©2015-2019.MB-SMART is a weather34 designed template
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