Weather34 Aurora MKII

Weather34 Aurora MKII(Vantage) Fequently Asked Question (FAQ) .
FAQ Weather Station Support
Aurora MKII is primarily designed and optimized for Davis Vantage Hardware, that said any weather station hardware supported via meteobridge is compatiable with limitations of only using a standard common hardware sensor configuration. Newer product brands offering upto like 8 additional sensors are not fully compatiable and Weather34 offers no guarantee of functionality with these types of hardware configurations .
What versions of PHP are supported?
Weather34 Aurora MKII is compatiable with versions from PHP 7.4(tested) to the latest PHP 8 (PHP 8.0.12 verified template compatibility October 21st 2021). Weather34 continually adapts to updated revisions of PHP on release if required. Local server with PHP 8  Mac Mini Server (Mid 2010) installed locally to compile for in advance of becoming widely used via hosting services.
FAQ Design Software
Weather34 uses  Mac OSX Visual Code Studio for writing and developing code , this is a developers dream software and is free , ability to have thousands of options and plugins to make developing websites,scripts with ease and 99% error free. There are too many benefits to list here ,Weather34 highly recommends this software to anyone who hasn't discovered or made the jump.
FAQ Is it Free?
Yes 100% free , always has been and continues to be free from any means of Monetizing ,no hidden fees ,free support . Donations are not required Weather34 uses his own hardware,devices,web space etc and are used for other purposes outside of this template.
100% FREE
Github offers upcoming features albeit these are often pre release based coded ideas which may have anomalies, relies on the GITHUB user to raise issues and it promptly gets resolved. As of October 2021 the simple update/master download file will not be updated until the GITHUB version is confirmed with no issues raised in a 24 hour timeframe .
FAQ Support
Support can be found via the popular forum here Meteobridge Forum. Many long term users are available on hand to give friendly help and advice.Good place to follow how the ideas evolve and see how ideas materialize. Also an extremely useful forum to find solutions to any issues related to Meteobridge device itself.