Weather34 Home Weather Station Dashboard Template

weather34 template for home weather station enthusiasts


Supports upcoming Meteobridge Nano

Probably the most self sufficient way of distributing your weather station data without the need of using a dedicated computer 24/7.This template reaps the benefit of many features found in Meteobridge.

meteobridge weather34 template for weather station
Download (4.41MB) ( )


Download Offline

* Weatherflow offline to due future changes of API ,weatheflow users can still use meteobridge version. This standalone version will return in the autumn thanks to D. St John of Weatherflow for being logical and appreciating the design and work that went into it.

weatherflow weather34 template for weather station
Download (Offline)


Number 1 Best Computer Software Solution

Cumulus probably the most stable piece of software available at no cost other than your own time . If you are an enthusiasts who likes to use the benefit of a computer to store or send your weather data to various sources.

cumulus weather34 template for weather station
Download (3.57MB) ( ).

Weather Display

Non Supported Version,use at your own risk

Weather Display software is a paid solution and offers compatibility with many past and present weather hardware products. *Weather34 does NOT offer support for this version,please do not email thank you, please use forums to liase with others....

weather dispaly weather34 template for weather station
Download (4.1MB) ( ).

Download Update Info

last updated 18th July 2018 (see below)

* Purple Air module minor fix for iPad chrome browser display . ref Chuck Boschen
* Meteobridge version only minor fix for Solar Eclipse data just replace the two css files main,color in css folder . ref P.Wilman/Chuck Boschen
* Meteobridge / Cumulus versions only Canadian Humidex added . ref Josep

weather34 template for  home weather station

Weather34 Setup Guides

These guides are basic setup guides

Weather34 Meets Meteobridge
Weather34 Basic Setup
Meteobridge MySql Setup Guide

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Finish

Step 1

Weather34 HOMEWEATHERSTATION Template Quick Install Guide

Choose and Download the appropiate Template version to match your hardware via this page

Step 2

Unzip/Extract the downloaded zip file

Unzip the download to your desktop or a folder where you can locate it easily

Step 3

Make a Folder on your Server

Open up your favourite FTP program or which ever method or program you use to access your server files. Now go to the root folder of your website and create a folder called PWS (UPPERCASE or lowercase)

Step 4


Now goto the folder you unzipped to your desktop now FTP transfer all files inside the folder into the folder on your server you just made called PWS ...

Step 5

Test url

Once you have uploaded to your server now enter example in your favourite browser...

Step 6

Admin settings

If the weather station dashboard appeared click menu on the top left and select settings . Having clicked settings . You can now fine tune the options and personal preferences to your weather check carefully ! . most important set the password and keep it safe !!


Thats it !

Take the time to really fine tune and understand each of the settings and verify all the required information , different hardware, different locations use different settings. Things like API keys, server folder/file permissions are often common mistakes overlooked and believe it or not make sure that PHP is enabled (someservers are not enbled by default) ! on your server and choose the latest version 5.6 or higher .The template is fully HTTPS compliant tested upto PHP 7.2.6 as of June 2018.
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