Weather34 meets Meteobridge NanoSD (Just A Rough Guide updated 20th November 2018)

weather34 meteobridge nano SD
What is a Meteobridge Nano(SD)?

Meteobridge Nano is a small unobtrusive data communications logger for the Davis Vantage range of products including Envoy.

In Brief(if you want a quick answer)..

Meteobridge Nano is such an unobtrusive product it is simply a plug in and forget component. What this product does in simple terms is replace the need of a optional Davis loggger component and comes complete with the popular Meteobridge inteface and software many enthusiasts have become accustom to over the years.It does not break the traditional familiar workings of the Meteobridge software. It has all the benefits you would find in the existing range of products from Smartbedded.

*Updated 20th Nov 2018 ...Since receiving the NANO there has been an optional upgrade which is kind of hidden but certainly an advantageous benefit to the NANO itself. It is a small microSD slot to allow the NANO to be extended to use a microSD card to boost the memory storage capability and use a more beneficial interface with extra options.
Installation video which is quite easy to follow is shown here .Certainly watch the clean video explanantions .Also you can see from below it looks to be a standard microSD (*please note the microSD must be of specific specification and not a low cost version normally found in local stores) but whilst it is of standard size its the actual specification that is critical so please review this link to find out more.

weather34 meteobridge nano SD swissbit


No tools are required to install the plugin component to your Davis Console simply remove the battery cover , remove the batteries and making sure no power or unit is powered on. Insert the small plugin to the left of the battery compartment (shown below).Just a slight thumb pressure is all that is required , it will simply slot in with ease if not you need to check alignment and dont insert at an angle !..

weather34 meteobridge nano 2
weather34 meteobridge nano 3

Installation Continued..

Put your batteries back in or insert the power plug let it boot up and follow the instructions supplied , anyone familiar with meteobridge from the past will be up and running in minutes , if you not owned one before take a few minutes and follow the simple step by step guide supplied on the sheet

But First
Setting up with your Davis weather station console just couldnt get any easier than this .

Having connected your Meteobridge to your wireless router and establishing the i.p address assigned by your network or router simply enter in your desktop or laptop browser 192.168.1.xx . The xx would be your assigned last two digits of the ip address

Having established connection and now the login screen is available enter your login details by default the user name is meteobridge and password is meteobridge you should change this when setting up for first time.(follow the simple guide supplied in the box)

At the top select the Weather Station tab and select Davis product . As easy as that !

At worse i would say 15 minutes and your ready to move on to setup the meteobridge software and digest some of the features. Features like actually changing the settings on your console ! i liked that part very much as I have fat fingers and always tend to push the wrong buttons or forget the sequence on the console itself.See below of how easy it is to setup your console. Simply set the type of Davis Hardware and if you wish you can make the adjustments directly on your computer to the console.

Weather Station
Davis: Vantage Pro2, Vue, Envoy
Davis: Envoy8x

Davis Station Setup
Sync station's date/time with the Internet
Apply longitude/latitude/altitude/timezone/rain season settings of Meteobridge
Transfer rain totals for day, month and year from console to Meteobridge
Transfer sensor min/max data from console to Meteobridge (Recommended for initial setup only!)
Configure console logging interval, rain collector, wind cup, date and time format
Logger interval of the console: (no impact on Meteobridge operation)
Rain collector size:
Wind cup size (Vantage Pro2 only):
Time mode for console display:
Date mode for console display:
Compensate console heating up caused by the NANO (-6°F recommended):
Configure sensors and mapping to transmitter IDs

weather34 meteobridge nano 4

Familiar Enthusiasts requirements

Moving on to Weather Networks there is a whole array of options to send data to your preferred network or your own website .

weather34 meteobridge nano set up
Looking good probably spent 15 minutes and data is ready to send !

Lets See some data

Now the meteobridge Nano found your weather station now go and check the data is arriving and being logged via the LIVE DATA tab

How easy was that ? so far we spent aprox 20 minutes to get this far thats pretty good

weather34 meteobridge Nano live data

Endless Possibilites for the weather enthusiast for there website
Back to the top tab section choosing Services we can custom select what extra data we want to provide and display on a personal website or club website etc..We can also create our own custom cron services without the need of external cron job services provided by your host or paid services we can let the meteobridge do everything. Advantage here is no limitations as set by your hosting company or free external cron service..

Meteobridge Nano Control Panel Services

Data on your website
Using the weather34 template with the meteobridge is a good option as the template is designed around the meteobridge options however you can use the other popular templates like Saratoga , Leuven .

weather34 dark theme home weather station template

Pros and Cons


1.Small compact no cables.
2.low power consumption.
3.straight forward easy configuration.
5.very well supported by the developer .
6.No computer requirement required after initial setup.Even setup with a device like iPad or phone just has I did using a iPad !
7.Standard meteobridge built in software low cost and far cheaper , more reliable than using a dedicated computer 24/7 and more reliable than most software currently available at a cost !.Connect it to a small UPS and your running for ever as long as the UPS power remains.
8.simple way to send data to numerous weather networks or your own website. with all the popular website templates.
10.affordable solution available in numerous countries.


can you ?

Now watch the impressive video of the Meteobridge Nano

Meteobridge Nano with Reviewed with Davis Vantage Pro 2 6152UK
Meteobridge Nano setup through OSX High Sierra and iPad Air 2.
Meteobridge Nano setup with template.

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