Weather34 Meteobridge FAQ
MB-SMART Version weather station template


16th July 2019

1.Which meteobridge products does this 100% support?
Answer. Meteobridge NANOSD .

2.Why only NANOSD?
Answer. NANOSD offers a vast array of data to be reproduced with ease.Weather34 only develops with hardware that is owned or available to develop with realtime at all times. Experiences from the past when developing for non available hardware, software never allows you to get the true end result wished for . Weather34 has made versions available to other developers to allow use of other non Davis hardware and software methods.

3.Why only Davis Hardware?
Answer. NANOSD only supports Davis Hardware and weather34 does not use any other hardware anymore.

4.No MySQL?
Answer. Yes no Mysql knowledge or requirement , after many years of using Mysql a simple solution for storing data for charts was sort to remove the overhead burden of new users learning MySQL and lesser experienced users setting up Mysql . This easier solution reaps the benefit of NANOSD meteobridge in built services and functions.All chart data is stored in a simple file daily,monthly and current rolling year. The data files can be used , edited for other purposes.
The newer simpler method allows easier implementation of additional sensors, i.e. you may have a leaf sensor, extra external sensor in the greenhouse etc , these can be added without any major structure change or tedious Mysql rows,columns creations. Simply taking the correct meteobridge output and applying a simple piece of code.Below shows the simple structure with each particular sensor value having a unique number.
ID(0), time(1), outsideTemp(2), barometer(3), raintoday(4), UV(5), windgustmph(6), windSpeedAvg(7), radiation(8), dewpoint(9), rainrate(10), direction(11), indoortemp(12), indoorhumidity(13), date(14), dewpoint(15), wetbulb(16), humidity(17), cloudbase(18)
for example adding an extra leaf sensor to the daily file would simply use position of leaf(19).

example of chart use below weather34 example chart

5.Which version of PHP is supported?
Answer. Currently supports upto PHP 7.4.0(ALPHA) as of July 2019 . Template is untested or developed on anything prior to PHP 7 due to older versions of PHP 5.X will be phased out in time by most hosting services(some sooner than later).

6.Which browsers are supported?
Answer. Template uses the recently introduction of CSS grid in most browsers , it is recommended not to use browsers released before January 2019.Weather34 sees no point in designing for the past or old browsers as this restricts the use of newly supported CSS . Weather34 follows monthly many CSS developer sites for newly introduced properties supported in browser releases. *note not all browsers get frequent updates to support newer css properties.

example of CSS Grid use
grid-template-columns:33% 33% 33%;

*CSS Grid is now widely supported across recently released modern browsers...

7.HTTPS Compliant?
Answer. 100% Yes for a few years now as the template does not scrape data from external resources,does NOT pull data from unofficial API's.Any external API data is called via the meteobridge services panel setup,only services are used where API or data can be used officially.All realtime data is served from your hosted or local server.No CDN files for css frameworks, javascript libraries, fonts are used, again all script,css,font,svg files served from your server . Weather34 never encouraged use of data from third party sites realtime i.e iframe scraping, the impact can not only break your HTTPS but also impact the performance dramatically of your server and shared hosting performances. Be Smart Be Secure.

8.Why use SVG and not PNG,GIF,JPG for icons,images?
Answer. SVG stands for scaleable vector graphic, SVG offers a cleaner output when upscaling,downscaling.SVG offers better color interaction with PHP,CSS .Colors can change on the fly to reflect various weather data values with ease.PNG,GIF,JPG does not offer the flexibility of using defined PHP strings,often restricts design flexibility and most often pixelated outcomes are all too apparent . All weather34 icons are designed in SVG format using Sketch or Adobe Illustrator. Overall SVG is cleaner and smaller in file size.

9.Which devices are supported?
Answer. Template is devoloped primarily for tablet,mobile Apple IOS 9 or greater . Desktop view is developed on all latest popular browsers where CSS3 is supported.Smart TV screens support is challenging , in some preliminary testing different brands tend to not use a standard browser application. For example three Smart TV's used here result in some rather broken layouts. Only 1 out of 3 that one being a 2019 model rendered same as the desktop appearance the older two rendered broken. So the idea of offering Smart TV compatibility requires more thought.

10.Why different versions?
Answer. A bit confusing however the original idea was to allow individuals with knowledge of specific software to maintain and improve unfortunately a lot of confusion appeared late June when one developer who kindly came forward to maintain the incomplete weather display version (Wim Van de Kuil) decided to re-write everything and release many versions that were already supported and in circulation.Thankfully and quite promptly Wim has now changed the name of his versions and removed any references to weather 34 ,hopefully this will eradicate confusion in the future for the end can download his versions from here.

*Below helps you identify which version you are using and where to get the support as Weather 34 does not support anything other than MB-SMART version.
Weather34 quote "It is actually a good idea to take a look around at designs for inspiration about how to present or display and have a modern design that is useable. But it’s not advisable to blindly copy a design just because you can !! .In fact it is very very un-ethical and makes one cringe at the blatant disguise.. "

Image of Weather 34 Designed & Coded.

Image of NOT Weather 34 Designed or Code.

Differences to Weather 34 Designed.

Weather34 MB-SMART Supported Hardware & Software

11.How easy is it to setup?
Answer. A simple step by step guide below is available and with the no requirement of Mysql the template should be relatively easy to install, though some previous knowledge of running a website is beneficial . Weather community forums like WXFORUM offer a wide vast array of information on all aspects of running a weather template.

12.Can I use MB-Smart with Meteobridge Pro?
Answer. Yes if you are using Meteobridge Pro with Davis hardware but may experience some anomalies has not fully developed or tested with Meteobridge Pro. Use Github Issues Page section to try and resolve.

13.Why GITHUB and not a seperate download?
Answer. Github offers a sensible way of participating and contributing to resolves issues,making enhancements and most of all collaborate then thoroughly test out ideas. Thus allowing users to forward on corrections,useable code .. Github was used for the beta solely with one beta tester where there climate offered a wider unseen daily scenarios not seen in most places. was the prime site it was built around with realtime data and here at Each day aprox 30 minutes to an hour was used to deal with issues and apply features one by one then test them out . The aim was not to try and accomplish everything in a matter of hours or days and then spend hours each day fixing stuff overlooked (that is not to say everything has been covered and unlikely it will be till January 2020), in total probably around 70-80 hours during May,June and July 2019 was used. However I wish I had listened to Larry(ironhorseman) many years ago it would have saved a lot time.. Github does make you do things smarter ! and you can download it as normal.

14.How do you measure performance?
Answer. Weather34 has been a keen user of GTmetrix for many years and compares performance when adding new scripts and data,often implementing something new may cause a bottlekneck in performance or some unwanted overhead. Example back in 2018 a simple rather unnecessary script was added to the meteor shower display ,it basically created meteor showers trails periodically just to spice up the pop up display, this simple script pushed the server load to 90% at times , so something that was simple had an adverse effect which was picked up by GTmetrix and confirmed by server resource logs.

weather34 gtmetrix score

15.Built in Meteobridge NANOSD version is different?
Answer. It is hoped in the near or far future Boris at meteobridge will be able to implement this version in the NANOSD product itself. The current version built into the product was an original design and first revision test which worked well. This beta version came about on the back of the NANOSD product using the template. So at some point this may well end up being totally built into the NANOSD product.

16.Why no more Weatherflow support or features?
Answer. 2 answers to this first being this template is for the NANOSD which is only compatible with Davis hardware. Secondly Weatherflow is a new product and has progressed over the last two years but the fundemental big issue is rainfall accumulation measurements and the latest attempt to fix the issue is bizzare . It is not actually fixing the problem it is merely disguising the design flaw and technology used. Other than that it works well for the home weather enthusiast but it is a rather expensive product ($300) thats not quite ready for prime time but it is certainly an innovative product but lacks some of the features that comes with similar priced or lower priced products.

17.Why did you drop Dark Sky Forecast ?
Answer. This article may well sum it up scroll down to read about DARK SKY performance and accuracy, but in short Dark Sky forecasts for Istanbul were very poor , often during the winter months where Snow was forecasted but in truth Istanbul had around 3 days of light snow this year .Closely looking deeper the forecast for this area Istanbul were found to be for a location some 140km away and mountainous, not much use here for a forecast at sea level.Weather Underground (Weather Channel) proved to be more consistent and relative..

18.How much does the template cost?
Answer. It is FREE for your own use as you probably have already spent enough on the weather station hardware,server etc itself. It is not permitted to be distributed or be rebranded in any way without permission (agreement). Weather34 enjoys dabbling in design as a hobby,past time.There is no expectation of any financial reward or donations.

19.Which Software is it compiled via ?
Answer. Since Febuary 2019 Visual Studio Code for MAC OS has been used. With the advent of MAC OS going fully 64-bit and using APFS weather34 learnt the basics of using Visual Studio Code knowing the current use of CS6 Adobe PS,Illustrator,Dreamweaver would no longer be possible in future 64-BIT MAC OS .Weather34 had been using Dreamweaver in one form or another to compile code for almost 15 years now having upgraded all owned Mac Computers to Catalina the move to Visual Studio Code/ was a major benefit.Overall Visual Studio Code is a developers dream with many automated and crosschecking realtime actions.

20.Beta Test Period Ended ?
Answer. Yes the aim was and has been to build with testing for a period of 6-8 months with contributors and regular feedback , once stability was achieved and layout perfected the beta period would end and allow further time to introduce translations. Full release version 2.0 is now available and from January 2020 it will use the smart update feature.

21.Brotli support ?
Answer. Yes uses Brotli and has done for a few months , it offers advantages over the popular existing common GZIP approach. It is not a case of whether the template supports its a feature enabled at server level by your host .ICDSOFT hosting offers this and is enabled by default on their servers. The difference is negligible and would hardly be noticed by any visitors but for those who like to have their sites using the latest feature or being one step ahead then a google search on enabling Brotli via your servers root htaccess will return many results but be safe and contact your hosting technical support.

22.Future Code ?
Answer. Yes weather34 makes it a priority to keep aligned with browser evolvements and implementation of code practices . i.e PHP evolves and goes through minor changes on a frequent basis example the release of PHP 7.4.1 was a good step forward but it is easy to be unaware of how changes can break things unknowingly so it is important to follow developments . Again CSS is vastly improved over the last 20 years to the point where you can pretty much do anything you want with some thought. Web design and use of td to create areas is a thing of the past and css .Grid offers greater flexibility in terms making web designs more adaptable to the devices used to today.

Weather34 Setup and Install Guide
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Finish

Step 1

Template Quick Install Guide

Download the Meteobridge MB-SMART Template Github Offline

Step 2

Unzip/Extract the downloaded zip file

Unzip the download to your desktop or a folder where you can locate it easily

Step 3

Make a Folder on your Server

Open up your favourite FTP program or which ever method or program you use to access your server files. Now go to the root folder of your website and create a folder called MBSMART (UPPERCASE or lowercase)

Step 4


Now goto the folder you unzipped to your desktop now FTP transfer all files inside the folder into the folder on your server you just made called MBSMART ...

Step 5

Test the url

Once you have uploaded to your server now enter example in your favourite browser...

Step 6

Admin settings

If the weather station dashboard appeared click menu on the top left and select settings . Having clicked settings . You can now fine tune the options and personal preferences to your weather check carefully ! . most important set the password and keep it safe !!


*MB SMART version your nearly there now click the link below setup NANOSD uploads!

Simple guide for setting NANOSD to upload data for template view here

Weather34 designs were created by brian underdown aka weather34 from 2015-2019 with the help of the weather enthusiast community.
Weather34 Meteobridge Original & MB-SMART Versions ©2015-2019.MB-SMART is a weather34 designed template
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.