Project Discontinued 7th August 2017

There is no support for the older versions please use the weather community forums provided below to liase and resolve with existing experienced users

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please do not ask for support no emails are monitored or requests answered.this download is offered due to demand.

Download all weather34 Home Weather Station Packages in one zip file *please note this has the new mobile menu dashboard design that works also when viewing on a mobile device .This feature was never available in any other released versions in the past prior to August 26th 2017.The dashboard mobile menu allows units and language selection when using a mobile small screen device.The menu is built from pure css there is no additonal jquery and was inspired by the design site

Versions included in zip file
CU-X5(Cumulus standalone version last change Aug 26th 2017)
MB-X5(Meteobridge standalone version last change Aug 26th 2017)
WD-X5(Weather Display standalone version last change Aug 26th 2017)
34-X5(Universal version CU,MB,WD,WS1001,Weatherflow last change Oct 10th 2017)
34-X5WXSIM(WXSIM standalone version last change Aug 26th 2017)
MB-X5MYSQL(Meteobridge standalone MYSQL version last change Oct 10th 2017)

click to download (last updated 10th October 2017)
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The original Version 34-X5 is universally compatiable with various software & hardware.
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